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10 minute read     With vintage styles dominating the fashions of the late 2010’s, the popularity of pre-owned watches has skyrocketed. But buying pre-owned watches can be a daunting process if you’re not completely clued-up on the watch industry. MJJ are here to explain the pros and cons of new VS pre-owned watches and provide our top 3 tips for buying pre-owned watches.       PROS AND CONS OF BUYING A NEW VS PRE-OWNED WATCH   CONS: VINTAGE The first and probably most instantly-relatable con of buying a pre-owned... Read More


PVD VS. DLC: Is DLC the best technique for coating your watch?

5 minute read There are currently two dominating options on the market when looking to coat a high-end watch with a deep black finish. So, which process is best? MJJ are asked this question a lot. So we have laid out the basic differences in process and quality between the two types of coatings. This should give you an base idea of what the customisations involve and which is best for you if you’re thinking of having your watch coated. If you’d like more information, give us a call  on 020 3146... Read More


Black By Popular Demand

2 minute read What is DLC? Invented by the military, reproduced and utilised by Formula 1 and NASA, DLC is a molecular coating used to strengthen a base material with “diamond-like” qualities. MJJ has harnessed this “diamond-like carbon” technology to create an armoured range of bespoke watches in sleek shades of black. MJJ’s bespoke DLC process: In a nutshell: The high-tech process is executed by MJJ specialists who fuse the carbon coating to the molecules of your watch, creating a deep black finish with diamond-like durability.   DLC Process breakdown:... Read More