Our Guide To Rocking Chains and Pendants

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that the strict stereotyping in fashion is finally starting to blur.

Obviously, women have been wearing trousers and cutting their hair short for almost 100 years now. But with men, the benchmarks seem to keep moving. One decade, long hair and make up are in; the next decade, it’s snapbacks, baggy t-shirts and ripped baggy jeans with chains; then we’re onto tight-as-you-can-get jeans and long t shirts that aren’t far off from dresses.

This may ruffle some feathers (unintentionally), but it seems that the fashion of the last few decades has been a bit of a safer space for women when it comes to having fun and experimenting. But, we can at least say that the stereotyping of jewellery is becoming blurred for good … Finally. Women can wear watches of any size and style and men can wear jewellery without worrying they’ll look back on a photo and cringe.

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How they rock chains and pendants

How we rock chains and pendants

And with Hollywood legends like Tom Hardy, Ryan Gosling and Will Smith, as well as football legends like Pogba, Linguard and Rashford rocking the bling, men’s jewellery isn’t limited to the chunky, heavy Hip Hop styles anymore either (not that we don’t love a bit of that).

So, since it’s probably a bit of a new thing for a load of you, we’ve put together a guide to rocking the bling and wearing chains and pendants.

We’re running with 4 main points: The 2 Basics: Material and Length; Picking Your Pendant; Icing it out; and How to wear it.


The 2 Basics: Choosing the right Material

We’re going right back to basics and starting with the very first element, the material of your chain.



Yellow gold makes more of a statement chain. It’ll stand out in contrast to black and demand attention. Most fashionista sites will tell you that it’s better suited to compliment more warm or summery colours like yellow, orange and brown. But we think it’s a classic, making it a good all-rounder for every look.


Rose gold looks great standing out against neutral colours like black, navy, cream, beige and white. But it can be worn with sandy and pale pinks for a strong combo look.


If you love the feeling of having classic gold, but want a fresh look, then white gold’s the perfect answer. It’s more of a brilliant white colour than silver. So will stand out more against black, but also sits perfectly with cooler tones for a fresh style.

MJJ Franco Chains: Yellow Gold – Rose Gold – White Gold


Platinum has a silverish-white colour. So stands out solidly against darker colours, but also looks fresh with lighter colours. It’s also denser and heavier than gold, but whether that’s a pro or a con is down to you.


Sterling silver stands out against black, like yellow gold, but it’s more toned down and casual looking. Again, you’ll probably be told by any fashionista sipping on a frappuchino (no hate. I love a mint chop chip frappo on a sunny day, but you definitely get the picture) that it’s better suited to more wintery and cool colours. But we say classics can be worn with anything, and sterling silver is definitely another classic.


Oxidised sterling silver gives a more relaxed and laid back vibe than the classic sterling silver. Specialists speed up the tarnishing process to give the silver a tarnished or antique look.  Oxidised silver is great for people who want it to look like they’ve always worn a chain. You know, the “Oh, this old thing?” kinda vibe.

Platinum Silver – Sterling Silver – Oxidised Silver.


Cord, leather and beaded necklaces are good for adding strength and bulk to a look as secondaries to a metal chain.


Waxed cord necklaces bring a chilled beach vibe, perfect for summer.


A leather cord brings a rugged, wild vibe to your style.


Beaded necklaces are a bit of a tight rope. Get it right and you’ll look as much a Sex God as you feel, but get it wrong and you look like a gap year knobhead. Black onyx beads are a safe play. But colourful, even symbolic beads have had a huge movement over the past few years and look like they’re here to stay.

Wax Cord – Leather Cord – Wooden Beaded

Choosing the right length

As blurry as the stereotypes have become, I’ve got to admit, we’re not into the choker look on men. So in general, we’d recommend nothing shorter than 22 inches. Between 22-24 inches the chain should sit comfortably below your collar bone and the pendant be easily seen (if you opt for one). But if you want the swag look of a long chain and pendant in the centre of your chest, choose a 26 or 28 inch chain.


Firstly, stand-alone chains are a classic, never feel your chain isn’t enough. But pendants are here if you want a lil’ spicy suttin’.

So let’s talk pendants. They’re not for everyone, and we get it. But if you do love a pendant then this is your time. We’re passed the days when dog tags were the only thing a man could wear without being ripped for having a bit of style sense. We could give you tips for how large pendants are “in” and icy pendants are “the shiz” for summer. But with pendants, the main thing is if you connect with it. Your pendant will be one of the first things someone notices about you, and a strong conversation starter. So choose something you think really represents you. And if you really wanna step your game up, customise or even have a bespoke pendant created to fit in with the likes of Michy Batshuayi and Marcus Rashford.

Bespoke pendant for Michy Batshuayi – Bespoke pendant for Moussa Dembélé – MJJ Stock Crucifix.


We fucking love icing out pieces. There’s genuinely nothing fresher than an icy piece to set your style off.

This is where you have the option to buy insta-ready icy pieces, or get personal and creative with customised and bespoke items. We’re happy to take a pendant you already love and set it on fire with diamonds.

For more on gem setting styles, check out our Too Many Gem Too Many Many Gem… Settings post here. Or our post fangirling about Pavé here.


Let’s get real for a minute: If you like a style, material, length, pendant, anything and someone tells you it’s not “in”, tell them to fuck off. There’s no point in following a trend if it’s not something you actually like. Confidence = sexy. You’ll never look better than if you’re feeling fresh and you won’t be feeling fresh if you’re feeling self conscious.

But, if you’re looking for some guidance we’ve got a couple points that might help:

  1. Match your chain to your watch.

This one’s the main point for us. Something as basic and easy as matching your chain to your watch through colour or material can have a huge impact on your overall look. Most style points are subjective, but ask anyone and you’ll be told nothing looks more sick than a matching watch and chain/pendant. It just sets your outfit off and pulls it together.

  1. Frame your chain.

  • V necks and pendants are BFFs. The V Neck is the best wingman you’ll find for showing off your pendant.
  • Crew necks frame a stand alone chain best.
  • And shirts with open collars look best with a mix of chains and leather/chord/beaded necklaces.



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