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Yay for Pavé

This is just an appreciation post for our favourite type of gem setting to be honest.   Pavé   Why we love Pavé What’s not to love? Pavé sets anything on fire (not literally, don’t sue us). And it genuinely works on anything. Got a boring old bangle… Pavé it. Got a boring old chain… Pavé it. Got a boring old ring… Pavé it. Got a boring old watch… Pavé it!   Nothing makes you feel fresher than walking around with a sea of diamonds on you.   And in general,... Read More


Too Many Gem. Too Many Many Gem … Settings

Too Many Gem too Many Many Gem … Settings   First, lemme’ just say there’s no such thing as too many gems. We love to be blinded by a good bit of bling. But, anyone remember the Boy Better Know Too Many Man song by Skepta, ft Wiley, Jme, Frisco, Shorty ? Well that’s how we feel about gem settings. Too many settings too many many settings. (… Just doesn’t have the same ring though, does it). We realised that it’s impossible to know which one someone’s on about without looking... Read More


New VS. Pre-Owned Watches: Which is best to buy

10 minute read     With vintage styles dominating the fashion trends of the late 2010’s, the popularity of pre-owned watches has skyrocketed. But buying a pre-owned watch can be a daunting process if you’re not completely clued-up on the watch industry. MJJ are here to explain the pros and cons of new VS. pre-owned watches and provide our top 3 tips for buying pre-owned watches.       PROS AND CONS OF BUYING A NEW VS. PRE-OWNED WATCH   CONS: VINTAGE The first and probably most instantly-relatable con of buying... Read More