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2 minute read DLC COATING Invented by the military. Used by Formula 1 and NASA. … And MJJ   DLC’s one of our favourite watch mods. It strengthens the watch surface, makes it more scratch resistant, is reversible if you ever wanna go back, and makes your watch look slick as fuck… What’s not to love? So this post’s just a bit of info on one of the best customisation options out there.   WHAT IS DLC COATING? IN A NUTSHELL: DLC (diamond-like carbon) is a coating that shares many... Read More

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Our Bespoke Dial Service

If you know anything about us, you’ll know that we love creating luxury that’s moulded to you and captures you down to a tee. It’s kinda our thing, we’re about rewriting the blueprint of the luxury industry and making it accessible for everyone. Because, if you work hard, you deserve some luxury, right? And that’s where our bespoke dial service comes into play. Your watch is an extension of yourself – Your watch’s face is your face. So make it the best of the best. And here’s how:   THE IDEA... Read More

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Yay for Pavé

This is just an appreciation post for our favourite type of gem setting to be honest.   Pavé   Why we love Pavé What’s not to love? Pavé sets anything on fire (not literally, don’t sue us). And it genuinely works on anything. Got a boring old bangle… Pavé it. Got a boring old chain… Pavé it. Got a boring old ring… Pavé it. Got a boring old watch… Pavé it!   Nothing makes you feel fresher than walking around with a sea of diamonds on you.   And in general,... Read More