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Doesn’t matter how “cool” you try to act, even the biggest dawg on the street has a hidden geeky love… Ours is animation. Whether it’s cartoons like The Simpsons, battle anime like Naruto and Dragon Ball Z, or darker ones like Akira, we’re here for it. A couple of the guys at MJJ could give even the most die hard fans a run for their money with their Pokemon card collections.

And we definitely aren’t the only ones. Anime and manga collabs are becoming more common in fashion. And we’re not just chatting about some market stall iron-on tatty transfer. High end fashion brands are looking to anime and manga for inspiration and influence. I’ll shut up now though and show you what you came here for:

MJJ’s Top 10 favourite fashion X Anime collabs


 10. Punyus x Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon celebrated its 25th anniversary with one of the hottest collabs.

You probably didn’t expect to see the world of MJJ mix with the world of Sailor Moon, did ya? And you’re right. I’m not gonna lie, none of us have ever watched Sailor Moon. But it’s 2019 y’all! And if we wanna celebrate a collab from the lovey-dovey magical world of Sailor Moon and the Japanese fashion brand that makes everything accessible to people of all sizes, we will. Cos we’re all about molding luxury to you as an individual too, so we respect what Punyus as doing.


9. Off White X The Simpsons

Alright, we know The Simpsons aren’t technically an anime. Which is why they’re no.9. But fuck you and your rules. This is our blog, and our top picks. And we love Virgil Abloh and we love The Simpsons… So they’re staying here at number 9.


8. Air Jordan x Slam Dunk

The Slam Dunk of anime X fashion collabs.

Nike really drew on the manga link. Adding a number 10 and colouring the trainers to match the jersey colours worn by the main character, Sakuragi Hanamichi and the players of Shohoku high. And as if that weren’t enough, they went full in and coated the Air Jordan VIs and Jordan Super.Fly 3s with manga panels.


7. Anna Sui x 7 Manga

You can’t get much suaver than Sui.

One of America’s most creative fashion designers, Anna Sui infused a 24-piece bags, wallets and pouches collection of with the pure essence of some of the most loved manga characters. And Anna Sui 7 Manga was born.

The seven series includes:

  1. Riyoko Ikeda’s The Rose of Versailles,
  2. Rumiko Takahashi’s Urusei Yatsura,
  3. Osamu Tezuka’s Unico
  4. Osamu Tezuka’s Princess Knight,
  5. Mineo Miya’s Patalliro,
  6. Akiko Higashimura’s Princess Jellyfish,
  7. Ai Yazawa’s Paradise Kiss


6. Gucci X Hirohiko Araki X Spur

Gucci, Hirohiko Araki and Spur took collabs to the next level with their double anniversary special.

To celebrate Gucci’s 90th and Araki’s 30th anniversary they set up an insane exhibition on the third floor of the Gucci Shinjuku Building – the Rohan Kishibe Goes to Shinjuku Exhibition. And Araki created a one-shot manga that ran in SPUR and showed his characters styled from head-to-toe in Gucci.


5. Primitive x Dragon Ball Z

Primitive brought old school back with this collab.

Are you a fan of anime? And are you a fan of skating? If yeah, then you’d be in Heaven with Primitives bright as fuck, cool as fuck, collection of decks, mugs, wheels and clobber.


4. Bait x Diadora x Astro Boy

You don’t need rocket boots to look fly with this collection.

Looks like Bait and Diadora sent their best designers to work on the Astro Boy collab, cos this collection is fucking fire. Little Mighty Atom – Tobio Tenma appears on socks, jackets, snapback caps, t-shirts, trainers and even a couple of pins.


3. Billionaire Boys Club X Dragon Ball Z

Billionairz Boyz Club. It’s like they read our minds.

Billionaire’s Boys Club always know how to make us happy. And rocking a snapback with one of our all time favourite heroes in the sick style of Billionaire Boys Club will never not be in style.


2. The Hundreds X Hook Ups

Coming in at no.2 is The Hundreds. Cos they always go 💯

As if The Hundreds could make us love them any more, they also collabed with Hook Ups – the brand of the 90s baggy pants skateboarders. And honestly, the collab speaks for itself.. Just look at the picture. LOOK AT IT. It’s perfection in a fucking hoody.


1. Supreme X Akira

No. 1: The Fucking Supreme Collab!

Where there’s a pun, there’s an MJJ minion.

The supreme anime collab’ed with Supreme, could life get any better?

Pretty much every anime fan will tell ya that there wouldn’t be such an anime hype outside of Japan if it weren’t for Akira. So to see it on the designs of one of the fucking coolest street wear brands is literally a dream for us.


If you’re loving the anime-inspired high end bits shown here, check out our anime-inspired Make Movez collection here.

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