The Jewellery To Grab For Spring/Summer 2019

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Our beady eyes are always on the lookout to bring you trends straight from the catwalks, before the models have even stepped off the runway.


Spring / Summer Jewellery Trends of 2019

I dunno about you guys, but we’re counting down the days until we can swap the sweater for shorts, a beanie for a bikini and the umbrella for a cold, fresh beer. But fuck the summer body, we’re prepping the summer wardrobe instead. So here’s 5 jewellery trends that’ll bring your getup into 2019, without having you look like Mr. T.

It’s a strong look, but we can’t all be Mr. T.


2019’s fashion’s all about standing out and making a statement with your jewellery. You can always roll with the classic styles and not worry about trends, but all our tips here are gonna be about Going Big or Going Home.



Mostly for: This trend suits everyone and everything… Pavé away, bitches!

It’s all about being more frosty than a freezer this year.

L-R: Miu Miu. Balencia . . Givenchy. Balencia. Miu Miu. Channel

We’re biiig on the bling. We love this trend so much so it even has its own post here if, you wanna know more on how to wear it.



Mostly for: Rings are a classic that anyone can pull off. And are fast becoming a staple for mens wardrobes.

Luxury designers have officially ended the days when cocktail rings were 1 to a hand. We’re chasing rings like Sonic this summer.

L-R: Shutterstock. Alexander McQueen. Dior. Paul Smith.Alexander McQueen. Paul Smith. Alexander McQueen. Dior.


Mostly for: Cuffs can be worn by everyone. Just choose a material and style to fit your wardrobe.

Style Tip: Love the power of cuffs, but think they’re a bit too-feminine? … Pick up a rough, tough, leather cuff.

See-through cuffs, bubble cuffs, bling cuffs, cuffs of pretty much every design were seen strutting down the catwalks of S/S 2019. The bigger and bolder, the better. And brands are stacking them high this year.

Shutterstock. Alexander McQueen. Balmain. Balmain. Alexander McQueen. Chanel. Chanel .


Mostly for: For everyone!

Off-White, Louis Vuitton and Dior were all repping XXL chunky chains on their S/S 2019 catwalks. And it’s a trend we’re loving. The inspiration’s from industrial chains and looks equally sick with layering or as a lone statement piece.

L-R: Off-White. Chanel. Stella McCartney. Dior. Alexander McQueen. Marni. Off-White.



Mostly for: This trend started off as more feminine, but is starting to gain tread as men’s jewellery has blown up.

The fashion at the 2019 catwalks was basically a backdrop for the earrings. And the earrings were basically walking billboards for all the trends we’ve just gone through.

L-R: Arthur Arbesser. Alexandre Vauthier. Dior. Alexandre Vauthier. Alexandre Vauthier. Dior. Givenchy.

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