Our Bespoke Dial Service

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If you know anything about us, you’ll know that we love creating luxury that’s moulded to you and captures you down to a tee. It’s kinda our thing, we’re about rewriting the blueprint of the luxury industry and making it accessible for everyone. Because, if you work hard, you deserve some luxury, right? And that’s where our bespoke dial service comes into play. Your watch is an extension of yourself – Your watch’s face is your face. So make it the best of the best.

And here’s how:



We work with you to get inside your head and really understand the vision you have for your dial.


We then work your ideas into a visualisation and present these back to you for your input and approval.


Our designer then creates a tech drawing and works with our manufacturers to build your dial exactly as you want it.

Once your dial’s been created, it then undergoes our thorough pressure, water and seal tests. And your watch is reassembled by hand.


The final and best bit. Your watch is delivered back to you in all its glory. Ready to wear and ready to go. So you get to strut your stuff and show it off.

It’s really as simple and as that. And we’re ready to go when you are. So start your bespoke journey here.

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