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Invented by the military. Used by Formula 1 and NASA.

… And MJJ


DLC’s one of our favourite watch mods. It strengthens the watch surface, makes it more scratch resistant, is reversible if you ever wanna go back, and makes your watch look slick as fuck… What’s not to love?

So this post’s just a bit of info on one of the best customisation options out there.



IN A NUTSHELL: DLC (diamond-like carbon) is a coating that shares many of the same properties as diamonds. Hence the name “diamond-like carbon”. It’s used to strengthen a base material with these “diamond-like” qualities.



#Step 1: The first step is the only stage of the DLC process that is different for new and used watches.

  • If you’re upgrading a used watch, the case will need restoring first. So no imperfections show through the DLC coating. – This involves a specialist buffing out any scratches or dents and perfecting the finish of the watch.
  • If you’re buying a MJJ BLACKOUT, this step isn’t needed because the watch will be brand-spanking-new – unworn and in manufacturers’ condition.

Once prepped, the case parts are placed in the vacuum. And the dial & movement are stored in a dust-free and secure safe.

#Step 2: MJJ’s lab technicians perform the DLC process in a high-tech lab that would fit right into a Marvel’s comic book movie. So get ready for some sciencey words.

Inside a vacuum chamber, the watch is placed on a rotating carousel and prepared using heat and gas treatments. A carbon carrying gas is then introduced and an electrical charge is applied to the carousel. This draws ionised hydrogen and carbon atoms from the gas to the watch’s surface, where they are rapidly cooled down, forming the DLC coating.

#Step 3: Your watch is reassembled by hand and put through a final stage of quality control, including a timing and seal test and a final check on the aesthetics. Then it’s sent back to you!



  • DLC’s the perfect coating for your watch because of its chemical nature and diamond-like qualities. It’s a super hard coating with low friction, making it a real upgrade on the scratch-resistance of your watch.
  • It keeps the original brushed or polished finish of your watch case.
  • Can be used to coat any allergenic metals, like nickel.
  • Isn’t affected by paint, solvent, acids or alkalis. So you can show off your new MJJ BLACKOUT anywhere from the boardroom to the pitch.
  • And, amazingly, DLC’s also entirely reversible, with no damage caused to your watch! – But you know what they say…


Could it get any better?

Actually, yeah. MJJ also offer customisations like bespoke dials, gem setting and engravings to make your BLACKOUT completely unique and your own.


So check out MJJ’s Blackout Collection here, or our customisation page to upgrade your watch here.

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