Yay for Pavé

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This is just an appreciation post for our favourite type of gem setting to be honest.




Why we love Pavé

What’s not to love? Pavé sets anything on fire (not literally, don’t sue us). And it genuinely works on anything.

Got a boring old bangle… Pavé it. Got a boring old chain… Pavé it. Got a boring old ring… Pavé it. Got a boring old watch… Pavé it!


Nothing makes you feel fresher than walking around with a sea of diamonds on you.


And in general, we do choose diamonds. Other gems like emeralds and rubies look sick when you’re creating something bespoke and unique for you “as an individual”. But if you’re after a timeless classic that’ll never lose its shine and relevance, then diamonds really are forever.

But if diamonds really are forever, then you wanna know that the setting you’re putting them in is top quality. Which is why we offer MJJ Gem Setting.

So what’s what with Pavé:

What is Pavé?

Pavé’s a type of gem setting. Pronounced “Pah-Vay”, the name comes from the French word “to pave” and refers to the pavement/ cobblestone effect created by the tiny metal prongs between the diamonds.


What’s it known by?

Like the superhero that it is (to your tired old jewellery and watches anyway), it goes by many names: Bead-Work; Bead-Set; Iced Out; Gem Set; After Set.

How’s it done?

In most cases (some setters have different techniques), tiny holes are drilled into the metal and small metal beads are either pushed into this metal, or the metal is pulled and moulded into prongs to hold the gems in place.


What does it look like?

An incredible sea of diamonds that’ll make you sick with pride and blind from the never-ending sparkliness.

AKA: A ‘pavement’ of diamonds (or gemstones). Pavé is great for giving a carpet look because the metal securing the gems is minimal, meaning more light hits the gems and gives a continuous solid shine across the whole piece.

Why you want to Pavé everything you own

Because it looks insanely sick and you’ll look and feel like a million bucks walking down the street. No one will be able to take their eyes off you and you’ll have the watch, chain or ring that everyone’ll be dribbling over.

… We could go on, but is there really any other reason you’re interested in?

Or you could just check out our Precious Feelings diamond collection here.

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