The Armoured in Luxury Safe Collection reimagines security on a luxury level that’s never been seen before. Revolutionising the traditional safe with clean lines and stark minimalist aesthetics, expert designers have infused the brands rebellious DNA throughout every aspect with MJJ Exclusive detailing and superior craftsmanship.

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The large Armoured Safe in Nano White is available in equally futuristic Quantum Grey and Ultra Black. The designers spent months perfecting these shades to ensure that each option flawlessly complements any contemporary home.

The Armoured in Luxury Collection concept was to provide peace of mind by ensuring that your collection is kept safe and well maintained. While also bringing that maximum level of luxury that runs throughout the MJJ Exclusive brand DNA.


Each safe can feature up to twelve MJJ Exclusive watch winders, expertly designed and created with digital displays and innovative technology. Allowing the individual winders to be set to the specific turns-per-hour needs of each of your watches to maintain the mainsprings. Ensuring that your collection is not only safe but also running at maximum performance.


The safe features Alcantara material to line the jewellery drawer with stunning maximum effect, providing both supreme protection and a luxurious feel. Designed for you, the jewellery drawer is entirely customisable to you and your collection.



The finest soft quilted leather lines the interior of the door, perfectly complementing the outer strength of the Eurograded safe with a unique luxury interior that only experts could achieve to this level of perfection.


Entirely made in the UK, from design to reality, the Armoured in Luxury Collection is made with the finest materials. The MJJ Exclusive hallmark of quality sits boldly on the luxurious leather interior as well as the external of the stunningly minimalist keypad cover. An assurance that the finest quality runs throughout the entire creation. 



As always, MJJ Exclusive takes bespoke service to the next level. With available home delivery and installation anywhere in the UK.