MJJ Exclusive x Leon Bailey

MJJ Exclusive x Leon Bailey

Presenting MJJ Exclusive X Leon Bailey - Big Drip. A 140ct diamond collaboration. Aston Villa’s supremely skilled Winger celebrated his 23rd birthday by working with MJJ Exclusive experts to create this incredible bespoke diamond set of seven pieces - three chains with bespoke pendants and a customised AP watch.

Infusing Bailey’s identity into his Diamond Prong Chain, a bespoke buckle was crafted from white gold and embossed with his initials. Fully pavéd and channel set, entirely unique to him.

‘The outcome of this is just awesome. The detailing, I love it.’

MJJ Exclusive’s expert designers brought Bailey’s vision to life with the rose & white gold cross pendant that sits at the centre of the Baguette and Round Halo Chain. Showcasing his flair for style and fine jewellery.

‘I’m a flair’y type of person, I like to have style, I have a flare with my football, the way I play and the way I dress. The diamonds come with it, the drip’.

Honouring his proud Kingston roots, Bailey chose to present his Jamaican area code 876 with his incredible bespoke diamond pendant. Resting on his Baguette Halo Chain, the largest of the three neckpieces makes a maximum effect to finish the set to perfection.

‘My country means everything to me. To be a Jamaican is just an awesome feeling. It’s just an awesome country overall. The people, food, the parties, everything. It’s just a real joy.’  

Each creation of the seven-piece set is finished to the unrivalled MJJ Exclusive level of luxury. With the chains featuring the brand’s own innovative monogram clasp and gemstone-enhancing caging. Creating one of the finest, and most diamond loaded, sets of all time, Bailey’s identity has been fused with the brand’s supreme-grade materials and immortalised in his unique MJJ creations.

'This set is so dope that I can’t stop looking at it.’

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