Spiked Cuban Chain
Spiked Cuban Chain
Spiked Cuban Chain
Spiked Cuban Chain
Spiked Cuban Chain
Spiked Cuban Chain
Spiked Cuban Chain

Spiked Cuban Chain

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Spiked Cuban Chain, 10k white gold black rhodium, hand set with round diamonds. Full specifications for all available sizes listed below.

Est. delivery in 4-6 weeks once ordered.

Male model wears size 18 inches,  Height: 5.9" (180 cm) Chest: 37" (94 cm)

Female model wears size 16 inches,  Height: 5.7" (170 cm)

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Creations are all made to order, allowing for customisable elements and bespoke detailing.

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Spiked Chain Specifications

Length Carats Width Weight
16 inches 5 cts 10 mm 40 grams
18 inches 5.6 cts 10 mm 45 grams
20 inches 6.2 cts 10 mm 50 grams
22 inches 6.8 cts 10 mm 55 grams
24 inches 7.4 cts 10 mm 60 grams
26 inches 8 cts 10 mm 65 grams
28 inches 8.6 cts 10 mm 70 grams


Please note all specifications are based on natural diamonds. Specifications may vary slightly between each product. Carat weight may also vary for other gems such as sapphires & garnets.

Created with the world's rarest materials...

Black Diamonds

With an intensely deep black and bold aesthetic, black diamonds have become a signature in the brand’s pioneering jewellery collections.

Black diamonds are the toughest form of natural diamonds and MJJ Exclusive’s experts harness this strength to infuse in each stunning piece of jewellery. For a revolutionary vision in which the carbonised darkness draws all flowing light to create incredible diamonds that stand out with maximum effect.

Black Gold

Black Gold is an innovative MJJ Exclusive fusion of materials created by combining white gold, rhodium and dyes to create a unique and distinctive dark aesthetic that is as stunning as it is durable.

Every expertly crafted black gold item found across our collections is a physical representation of the MJJ Exclusive brand DNA and the ideal medal for the true rebel in luxury.

MJJ Exclusive
Rebel In Luxury

Every collection uses supreme grade materials. With the MJJ Exclusive Monogram, a hallmark of quality, featured alongside the MJJ Exclusive Caging; a revolutionary technical design that allows maximum light to shine through precious stones for the ultimate brilliance.

MJJ Exclusive
About the brand

Discover the story of MJJ Exclusive, how the brand was founded and evolved into the luxury designer specialising in high jewellery and bespoke creations that it is known for today.


Make your purchase extra special through a range of customisation options. Speak to our designers today to find out more.


Every material we use is expertly certified, ensuring we only use the best materials, from trustworthy and ethical sources.


Quality products should last a lifetime, and so all our products are accompanied with a lifetime warranty.

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