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Dragon Ball Z Watches



MJJ’s Making Movez collection flawlessly remixes the vibrant energy of anime with the powerful presence of Rolex. For a wild fusion of nostalgia and a swag level of over 9000!!

A limited edition collection of 30 pieces, Making Movez brings you 3 customised Rolex Milgauss' to level up your end game.


The Make MoveZ Rolex Milgauss "Shouki"

The Make MoveZ Rolex Milgauss "Genki"

The Make MoveZ Rolex Milgauss "Yuuki"


We wanted to give a nod to our favourite anime series, one which inspired our Make Movez collection. Head over to our blog for a Dragon Ball Z take over.



Can you believe the legendary Dragon Ball Z’s turning 30 this April? I don’t want to show my age, but if anything goes above 9, you know I’m gonna be shouting “IT’S OVER 9000!!!” And I know I’m human, but if you show me a picture of Frieza with his smug grin, I’ll still try to go Super Saiyan to kick his ass.

To celebrate Dragon Ball Z in all its 30 year old glory, we’ve got 30 facts about the anime for ya!


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If you love customised, personalised and bespoke luxury then we’re your brand. We love making your luxury watches an extension of yourself. So why not check out our BLACKOUT and Precious Feelings collections if you’re after the freshest styles. Or our personalisation and bespoke dial services if you’re wanting to step your game up to a whole new level.

Blackout Collection

Our limited edition BLACKOUT Rolex collection is for those who know that black is always going to be the new black. It’ll never go out of style, so it’s always gonna be your best mate. And with military grade DLC technology, a BLACKOUT is an upgrade you’ll never regret.                                       

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Precious Feelings Collection

Our Precious Feelings collection’ll have you feeling fresher than a shower of Listerine. Each diamond is selected and set by hand to flaunt their fire and set you ablaze. Featuring part pavé pieces for that subtle bling thing or full pavé pieces for that extra strong icing.                                                  

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Creating personalised and bespoke luxury pieces is what we love doing. And we’re the best in the business. Because we get that it’s your vision and we’re just here to add the sparkle. So trust our experienced specialists, watch your vision come to life and personalise an existing dial or watch as a reflection of yourself.