Armoured in Luxury

  Our Armoured in Luxury Safe Collection offers the most luxurious home for your prized pieces, as well as personal peace of mind. Infused with the brand’s DNA, each safe is an armoured work of art.
Innovative technology provides peace of mind with a 6-digit pin code that allows over a million potential combinations. Finished to a clean perfection, a signature MJJ logo completes the cover and guarantees MJJ’s unique luxury standards throughout.
  Each safe features up to twelve expertly designed winders to showcase your collection. Innovative technology allows these to be individually set to ensure each watch performs to perfection.


Showcasing MJJ’s quality craftsmanship, our experts spend thirty days hand-applying the paint in individual layers to create the stunning finish to maximum effect.

Expertly crafted and lined with the finest Alcantara material, the custom-designed jewellery drawer provides an unrivalled level of luxury while armouring your sentimental pieces.