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Running from Black Friday on November 29th, to Cyber Monday on December 2nd, you’ll find impressive discounts across our Watches, Jewellery and Accessories collections.


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What is Black Friday?

Christmas is a time for giving. And, as we all know, a time for shopping. Black Friday is the unofficial kick off of the Christmas season. A shopping day where the majority of brands offer reduced prices across their ranges.

Black Friday will fall on Friday, 29th November 2019.


When is Black Friday 2019?

Black Friday falls on Friday, 29th November 2019.



What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is the online equivalent of Black Friday. Where online shops offer reduced prices across their ranges. It is always the Monday following Black Friday.

For 2019, Cyber Monday will be on Monday 2nd December.

Black Friday hype leads to huge sales recorded at physical shops. Online retailers noticed a significant drop in online shopping around Black Friday. And, not wanting to be left behind, took this as an opportunity to create Cyber Monday. It is now considered to have taken over Black Friday as the biggest shopping day of the year.


When is Cyber Monday 2019?

Cyber Monday will fall on Monday 2nd December, 2019.


What offers will you have on for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019?

We’re really getting into the spirit of Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year and will be offering a large range of reduced items across the majority of our collections. Including our watches, jewellery and accessories.


You’ll be able to shop our Black Friday collection from Friday, 29 November 2019, through to Monday, 2nd December 2019.

  ... But, you know us, we’ve got a few treats up our sleeve - ready to roll out closer to the big day.


Why is it called Black Friday?

The History of Black Friday isn’t what you’d expect.

The biggest shopping event of the year, used to boost profits and kick off the festive season actually has pretty negative origins.

Origins in financial crisis

100 years before Black Friday was associated with shopping, on Friday 24 September, 1869, the American gold market crashed and Wall Street barons were left bankrupt. Thanks to two Wall Street Financiers, Jim Fisk and Jay Gould, who bought up substantial levels of U.S gold with hopes to raise the value and sell it for heavy profits. The financial crisis led this day to become referred to as “Black Friday”.

Thanksgiving was later moved to November from 1939-41, with the intention to boost the U.S economy in the Great Depression.

In the black

During their 1924 Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York, Macy’s were the first to advertise the post-Thanksgiving shopping day and it grew in popularity from there.

In those times before computers, shop accountants would record their profits in black pen and losses in red. It’s generally thought that the majority of shops were “in the red” for the main part of a year. But, the day after Thanksgiving, when shop owners discounted their products for the Christmas season, the high sales volumes took them “into the black”.

Violence, traffic and football in Philadelphia

In the 1950’s most American employees would call in sick, to have a 4 day weekend following Thanksgiving and get a headstart on their shopping. Large crowds of tourists and shoppers would make their way into the city for the Army-Navy football game that took place the day after Thanksgiving. This caused absolute chaos in the form of traffic jams, accidents, road rage, violence and shoplifting opportunities.

Police officers weren’t allowed the day off and instead were brought in to work long shifts and control the carnage. They coined it “Black Friday”.

The name spread through Philadelphia, but shop owners didn’t appreciate the negative connotations and tried, unsuccessfully, to change it to “Big Friday”.

In 1966, an advertisement was published in The American Philatelist magazine and by the 1980’s the term was known globally and shop owners gave in and finally began to advertise “Black Friday” in their shops.

UK & Globally introduced Black Friday to the UK in 2010 and since then it has spread at a phenomenal rate throughout the world.