Using our revolutionary DLC technology, we can transform your watch into a unique one-of-a-kind piece with a deep black aesthetic.

This pioneering technology fuses a "diamond-like-carbon" coating to the watch elements, armouring these with an upgraded shell of scratch resistant properties and luxuriously soft comfort. Browse our existing creations, or start talking with our designers to create your perfect timepiece.


Our most popular option, the full MJJ blackout treament. Providing a clean deep black aesthetic by amour coating the timepiece in our iconic black DLC...


The highest quality diamonds in combination with our blackout DLC technology. These elements come together to create the perfect fusion of darkness and light...


Inspired by the classic bi-metal DNA, and through our pioneering innovation, we fuse craftsmanship and modern technology to create our own iconic inverted blackout collection...


Born from our commitment to push the boundaries, our STEALTH project fuses military-invented coating tech with classic craftsmanship. Each watch is upgraded with DLC armour and customised dial, inspired by the world’s most innovative warfare machines...


Whether by hand, or through laser engraving technology, we are able to create patterned effects across the case of your timepiece. The possibilities are endless and the only limit is your imagination...

Unleash your creativity

Have a vision of the perfect timepiece? Speak with our designers today to start your journey. 

From initial sketches and renders, to selecting your materials and precious stones, you will experience the entire design process to ensure your piece is made to perfection...


Our expert watchmakers deconstruct your timepiece into each element, fully refurbished, and then prepared for the blackout DLC treatment. Once the coating is applied, each piece goes through our strict quality control procedure to ensure nothing less than 100% perfection.


Combine your blackout options with a custom dial to completely revolutionise your timepiece and create something truly unique. We offer a wide range of customisation options, from changing colour elements, to setting diamonds, and even hand-painting...


We ensure that the product is tested throughout every stage of the customisation and creation process to ensuring the most luxurious and high quality finish and durability... 


What is DLC?

DLC is a “Diamond Like Carbon” coating. It's used in the Military, Formula 1 racing, and even NASA engineering. DLC coating shares many properties with diamonds. It features high surface durability and low friction nature, and so can even improve the scratch resistance and comfort of a watch.


How long does it take?

Typically between 4-6 weeks including full quality testing. We have very high standards so sometimes it can be up to 12 weeks worst case if there is further work needing to be done to ensure perfection.


Are the modifications permanent?

Our BLACKOUT DLC treatment is actually reversible, should you ever want to restore your watches original aesthetic in the future. 


Do you work with the original manufacturers?

We are an independent company and in no way are affiliated with any of the brands we customise and modify. Everything is managed in-house and we provide our own warranty on everything we do for absolute peace of mind.


Do I get a warranty?

Yes we match the manufactures original remaining warranty on all of our products. We also always provide our 2 year minimum guarantee. Please note, this does not cover any damage caused by accidents or lack of care.


For a free consultation, please contact us with your concept and we will be able to guide your through the options and provide a quotation for your creation.