Who are HYT?

HYT are a brand after our own heart, with a rebellious determination to make waves in the luxury industry. Believing that time is ever-flowing, yet only acquires meaning through the content of how you choose to spend it, HYT have created mesmerising collections that visibly connect the past, present and future.

time is fluid

Based in Neuchâtel, in the very heart of the traditional Swiss watchmaking region, HYT have a team of just 43 elite watchmakers who create only 400 new HYT watches a year. But each of these hydromechanical watches resonates back 3,400 years, to the water clocks of the pharaohs. A physical visualisation of the transition of time that had seemingly been lost until 2012, when HYT was born.


HYT use an innovative patented fluidic module to make sense of the continuous flow of time. Two bellows, made from flexible alloy and with walls that are 4 times finer than a human hair, take shifts to compress and expand. As each bellow does so, it releases or receives one of the two liquids that fill the capillary. One being dyed and the other clear, these liquids are separated by the repulsion force of their molecules and represent elapsed and approaching time.


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When HYT’s H1.0 Blue entered the MJJ Exclusive HQ, we spent a good 15 minutes with our jaws scraping the ground. It's almost impossible to not gravitate towards it. The futuristic, mechanical vibe of the face absolutely floored us.


How HYT have managed to place two formidable looking multi-layered bellows, a seconds wheel, power indicator and larger silver minutes dial into the face in such a clean way, and with space for two honeycomb interface sections, is a true testament to their design skills.


HYT H2.0 time is fluid

If you’re like us and can’t get enough of HYT's “Time is Fluid” philosophy, then this is the watch you’ve been waiting for. A green lacquered skeletonised ring with this creed sits inside the sapphire crystal domed case, as a reminder from all angles, to take through life with you.


And being a Limited Edition, with only 20 pieces released worldwide, and with a design as unique as this one, a H2.0 >>Time is Fluid<< on your wrist truly marks you out as the crème de la crème of watch collectors.


What is HYT?

HYT are a high end watch brand. Founded in 2012, they are known for their use of a patented fluidic module to create hydromechanical watches with a futuristic look.

Are you an authorised distributor of HYT?

Yes, we work directly with the brand’s distribution.

What warranty do you get with a HYT watch?

HYT watches come with an original manufacturer’s warranty that will have you covered for a full 5 years from the date of purchase.

Can I change the strap on a HYT?

You sure can. You can actually customise any part of the watch if you truly desire.

From a simple strap swap to a fully bespoke HYT - If you want to get creative, call us on 0330 124 3591, or contact one of our social media platforms.

Is a HYT watch a good investment?

This is a hard question to answer. Simply because it will depend on what you class as an investment, your reasons for your love of watches, and what else is in your watch collection.

Strictly speaking, if it’s a price tag investment you’re after, limited edition watches with lower availability are the safest bet. But the difficulty with these is that they are, indeed, unavailable.

The most comparable would be a Richard Mille, who make just over 4,000 watches a year. But, with HYT’s DNA and philosophy, they are truly a unique brand unlike any other. And, making only 400 watches a year, their whole collection has limited availability.

So if it’s a rare piece you’re after, with substance and innovative technology, we’d suggest HYT’s H2.0 >>Time is Fluid<< - of which only 20 were released worldwide. This model would definitely promote your unique collection.

How often should I get my HYT serviced?

We recommend that you have your HYT watch serviced at least every 3 years. If you’d like to book your watch in for a spruce up, please call us on 0330 124 3591.

How do I tell the time on a HYT watch?

It's easy when you know...

In short, look at where the coloured liquid meets the clear liquid. The hour marker at this point indicates the present hour.

Most HYTs also have a minutes subdial for more precise timekeeping.

How many HYT watches are made per year?

Only 400 HYT watches are made a year, by a small team of 43 of the most highly skilled watchmakers, based in their HQ in Neuchâtel. So your HYT watch is truly a limited edition.

What does HYT stand for?

There’s never been an official statement released to answer this question.

Here’s a few of our guesses:

  • “HYdrotechnology Time”
  • “Hydro-time”
  • “Hold your time”

Nobody knows what it means, but it sure is provocative, isn't it?



If you would like more information about HYT Watches, please contact us directly






+44 (0) 330 124 3591



If you would like more information about HYT Watches, please contact us directly.






+44 (0) 330 124 3591