Take your timepiece to the next level by upgrading it with diamonds and sapphires.

We have spent years perfecting the art of setting precious stones into each element of luxury watches. We are world leaders in creating masterpieces that preserve the original integrity of the watch while provided limitless customisation options throughout...


We are able to apply any kind of gemstone to different elements of the dial. From diamond baguette markers, to honeycomb faces, we are able to create any dial to your exact specification...

Bezel Setting

From vision to reality, we working to your exact design specifications to completely recreate your bezel, adorned with the highest quality gemstones and finish...


Our gemsetters can upgrade every element of the case with diamond baguettes or brilliant-cut stones of any colour, providing you with an endless scope for bespoke customisation possibilities...

Unleash Your Creativity

Have a vision of the perfect timepiece? Speak with our designers today to start your journey. 

From concept sketches and 3D renders to selecting your materials and precious stones, be involved in the entire design process to ensure your vision is made to perfection...


Many small diamonds or coloured stones are set as compactly as possible to create a honeycomb effect. We use high magnification to achieve maximal precision in placing each individual stone by hand...


Diamonds are suspended between two tracks to form a channel that allows greater visibility and security. The result is beautiful symmetry and an exceptionally clean design aesthetic...


The termBaguette” is used to describe an elongated rectangular diamond or other gemstone. We are able to set these precious stones in a way to create an invisible setting, providing extra transparency and an incredible ice effect...


Using the highest quality materials, our highly-trained  professionals will carefully assemble your creation in-house ahead of our rigourous testing standards...


The product is tested throughout every stage of the customisation and creation process to ensure perfect function as well as finish. 

On completion of the assembly process the watches are pressure-tested and time-checked over 48 hours to ensure the piece is running with perfect precision...


What quality diamonds do you use?

We are able to use diamonds that are relative to your price expectations. Our advisors will be able to guide you through the selection process to ensure we have the right specification that is tailored to you.


How long does it take?

This varies a lot depending on the level of customisation. We typically advise between 6-8 weeks including full quality testing. We have very high standards so sometimes it can be up to 12 weeks worst case.


Do you work with the original manufacturers?

We are an independent company and in no way are affiliated with any of the brands we customise and modify. Everything is managed in-house and we provide our own warranty on everything we do for absolute peace of mind.


Do I get a warranty?

Yes we provide a 2 year warranty on all of our products and services. Please note, this does not cover any damage caused by accidents or lack of care.


To start your journey, please contact us with your concept and we will be able to guide your through the options and provide a quotation for your creation.