Creating a bespoke engagement ring with MJJ is the perfect way to show your eternal loyalty. We’ll take the stress out of proposing. Your assigned specialist will be flexible and available at your convenience, day or night, for the discreteness required. And they’ll help, advise and support you through the entire journey.

Anything is Possible

With years of experience, our specialists will guide you through the entire process. From the initial idea to the finishing touches, you will be supported and advised honestly, so that every decision you make is an informed one.

Your dedicated adviser will have extensive knowledge of precious metals, stones and cuts, meaning they can turn your vision into a reality. And with MJJ, you don’t have to play it safe. If you’re dreaming of a unique ring unlike any other, we’ll make it happen.

Bringing your vision to life

Following a consultation with your dedicated adviser, our in house designer will visualise your one-of-a-kind ring with a hand drawn sketch. Once you’re firmly set on your design, we will then create your ring in a hyper realistic render. As part of the MJJ Bespoke service, you will also be gifted a 3D model, so you can touch, hold and get a feel for your ring. When you’re certain that this is “the one”, our specialists will then bring it to life.

a warranty That Lasts a lifetime

True love lasts a lifetime, so our warranty does too. Your bespoke engagement ring will be accompanied by an MJJ certificate verifying the quality of your stones and a MJJ warranty card covering you for the rest of your life.

MJJ service goes beyond your proposal. We offer free resizing of your bespoke engagement ring. As well as full aftercare help.

" I spoke to a few people who had bought from MJJ before and they all had great experiences. So, I decided to trust the brand with my engagement ring. And I'm delighted with they way it's turned out. Plus, the Mrs loves it, and that's all that really matters!   "


START Your design with MJJ

Proposing is a monumental moment. Everything in your life has led up to this milestone and everything that follows will be determined by it. So do it right - Do it with MJJ.

Our bespoke ring packages start from £10,000 and can be delivered within 6 weeks. Enquire now.

Thanks for your request about our bespoke diamond ring service. We will respond to your request within 48 hours.
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Bespoke Ring GALLEry



Propose with confidence, knowing that every diamond in our collection of engagement rings has been hand picked and set to create the fiercest fire. And is secured in precious platinum designs of elegant luxury to make a bold, breathtaking statement of everlasting love that’ll create a memory of a lifetime.


Our Inspire engagement rings are customisable for a personal touch. Choose your design and let us know more about the kind of diamond you want. Our specialists will guide you through every choice and modification.

Essential Collection

Our Essentials Collection includes popular and classic diamond shapes and setting styles. A timeless selection of platinum diamond engagement rings with a lifetime warranty.

Quick Guides to Buying diamonds

Find your Partner's Ring Size

It’s no good if they say “Yes!” but you can’t get the ring on their finger, or it just falls straight off. So, we’re here to help you get the right ring size on the sly.

Diamond Shapes

To help you pick the best you can get, everything you need to know about diamonds is covered in our short MJJ’s Guide To Diamonds series, here we cover diamond shapes.

The 4 c's of Diamonds

We’re here to make choosing a diamond hassle free. MJJ’s Guide To Diamonds series covers the carat, cut, colour and clarity of diamonds.


How much should I spend?

The honest answer is, there is no correct answer. The short answer is traditionally it was thought that 2 months' wages is the correct amount. For a more in-depth answer, head over to our blog.

Can I choose my own stone?

Absolutely. If you let us know the general quality and price point you are looking for, we can find options for you and even allow you to choose from that selection. Picking the perfect stone can be a daunting task and our diamond experts will always be on hand to help you.

Are your diamonds certified?

We will always try to use certified stones. Certification for each stone can cost anything from £200-£1000 and therefore we may set smaller stones that we hold with a guaranteed minimum quality.

It is worth noting that there are multiple diamond certification bodies within the industry and each of these bodies can certify the same stone differently.

Are your diamonds conflict free?

All of our stones are conflict free and completely Kimberley Process Compliant. This process aims to eradicate Blood/Conflict diamonds from the market. It ensures all members comply with strict sourcing and mining regulations, so that people working within the diamond mining process are treated fairly, with a fair wage and are in no way exploited for their labours.

Do you sell lab grown or heat-treated diamonds?

No, absolutely not. All of our stones are 100% natural and are not heat-treated to heighten any of their qualities. Whilst some retailers will treat their stones to give the illusion of a better quality, we believe that a diamond should be presented as natural and untouched.

Platinum Wedding Bands

PLatinum Wedding Bands