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Europe, America and Asia.

Shipment to countries outside of the UK may incur duties and import tax charges.

The responsibility to check with local authorities regarding additional charges lays with the buyer. MJJ Exclusive is not liable to confirm or pay for any additional duty or tax charges.

Stocked products are dispatched the same-day when possible. Custom or bespoke products can take longer. Please refer to the product pages for more accurate information relating to shipping times.

You will receive tracking information via email when your product has been despatched. Please use this to track the progress of your delivery.

On dispatch, you will receive tracking information via email. Please use this to track the progress of your delivery.

Yes. Rest assured, all our shipments are fully insured until they’re delivered to you. Please check your parcel before signing receipt to ensure all the seals are intact and show no signs of tamper. If you suspect any signs of tampering, refuse delivery from the courier and report this to us immediately.

Bespoke and custom products are not eligible for a refund.

We offer a 14-day-free return period for stock products that aren’t customised and have not been worn/used. Products must be returned in the same condition as received. Return of the products is the responsibility of the buyer.

We accept most major visa and credit cards, as well as PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay. Please refer to the website footer (scroll to the bottom of the site) to see icons of all currently accepted payment methods.


No. we don’t sell unmodified watches. We specialise in customisations and bespoke commissions. If you would like your watch customised, please contact us.

Yes. We only work on authentic products. If we’re provided with a watch to be customised that is found to be stolen, lost or counterfeit, we may dispose of the item at our sole discretion.

MJJ Exclusive is an independent brand. We are in no way affiliated with any original watch manufacturers, unless explicitly stated otherwise. All customisations are created as private commissions, requested by our clients. 

When we customise a watch, it may no longer be serviceable by the original manufacturer. This is at their discretion. For all watches we customise, MJJ Exclusive provide our own warranty. Matching the length of the original manufacturer’s warranty.

This varies depending on the complexity of the commission. For example, our Black Armour upgrade process can be completed in as little as 2-4 weeks once we have your watch. Whereas our diamond upgrade service can take 6-8 weeks, or more.

Absolutely not, the Black Armour upgrade does not damage or affect the factory watch in any way, and is even completely reversable should you wish to remove it in the future and restore the original look of your watch. In fact, the Black Armour provides additional protection to the metal underneath, as it is incredibly durable and scratch resistant. Black Armour watches always sell for more than the factory edition counterpart, due to the complex process involved in creating such a rare and sought after piece.


We use SI-VS+ graded, G+ coloured diamonds, as standard. Ensuring our diamonds consistently shine with a bright brilliance.

Gold in its purest form is too soft to be used in fine jewellery, but when mixed with other metals it increases its durability, and also allows you to create colours like rose gold and white gold.

Often abbreviated to ‘ct’, or sometimes seen as ‘K’ . The ‘carat’ of a metal represents the amount of pure gold, with 9ct being 37.5% and 18ct being 75% pure gold.

Yes. All MJJ Exclusive Jewellery pieces are covered by a 5-year international warranty. Providing you with absolute peace of mind and reassurance of quality.

Diamonds above 0.20ct are all certified by the world’s most reputable grading body - GIA (Gemological Institute of America). Diamonds used for flooded pavé are recognised as melee diamonds are sorted on such a large scale that it becomes impossible to grade each individual stone however all diamonds below the 0.2ct weight will still be inspected and sorted by qualified and fully trained gemologists.

This depends on the complexity of the commission. Typically, we are able to create, quality test and deliver an item within 4-6 weeks.


Each safe is custom made and built to order. Allowing you to customise almost every element to your personal taste. Typically, you will receive your safe within 8-12 weeks from the date ordered.

The Eurograde system is an industry-leading security-numbering system. Grading high-security safes designed specifically to provide the perfect solution for homeowners and businesses.

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For insurance purposes, you’ll need to select a cash rating that’s in excess of the cash and valuables to be stored in the safe. If storing cash and valuables, you must ensure the combined value doesn’t exceed the cash rating. Valuables are often assessed at 10x the cash value.

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