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We’re placing the power in your hands. With our MJJ Maker watch customisation tool, you can now be the designer of your own high end luxury watch. Express yourself with customisations such as DLC Coating, Gem Setting and Rolex Dial Modifications to create a masterpiece that’s unique to you. With over 1 million customisation combinations and an #MJJMADE stamp of guarantee, you can get creative without compromising on quality.


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rolex datejust 41

We’ve chosen Rolex’s Datejust 41 as the premier watch to launch our MJJ Maker Watch Customisation Tool. A true classic in the world of luxury watches, the Datejust is one of the most recognisable and desired watches around the world. And the smooth, crisp elegance of the design lends itself perfectly to a blank canvas for you to make your own wearable masterpiece.






Why should I customise my watch?

We love high end watches, but, as with almost everything, we’ve all had that conversation where you say “I love it, I just wish it had a ….” - Well this is your chance to give it that extra swag element. Because customising your watch with MJJ MADE upgrades it from a high end luxury watch, to a high end luxury watch designed by you, for you, and made by us. Where you can break away from the status quo sheep and truly express yourself. With a resulting luxury watch that’s unique to you.

What level of quality are the customisations?

All base watches created with MJJ MADE are new and unworn, with box and papers. And all customisations are completed either in house or by our partners. Using materials and techniques of the highest quality, carried out by experienced watch technicians. Where possible, we will only use the original parts of the watch. However, some modifications that are not standard issue must be entirely created and therefore may require specialist parts. All customisations we offer are cosmetic in nature only. We will not perform a customisation that would modify the watch movement or impair the original workings of the watch.

As a brand, we wouldn’t put our name to anything that didn’t live up to our standards. But we hold such high confidence in our creations that we have included our MJJ MADE stamp on the dial. All watches ordered via MJJ MADE are mint condition new and unworn watches. We also provide the original papers for your peace of mind. As well as a MJJ Warranty that matches the original manufacturer’s warranty length.

For your peace of mind, all watches created using MJJ MADE also come with a MJJ Warranty that matches that of the original manufacturer.

What grade diamonds are used in the customisations?

All diamonds used in our customisations, bespoke and personalisation services are G-H coloured and SI1-SI2 clarity.

This means that our diamonds are rare white in clarity and have no visible inclusions to the naked eye, only under 10x magnification.

If you would like to request specific diamonds, please call us on 0330 124 3591 and we can arrange this for you.

How long does it take to create a customised watch?

This will depend on the number and type of customisations you choose.
The longest time frame we quote is 8-12 weeks, but this can be significantly shorter depending on the customisations applied.

Our quoted lead time will also include adequate time for our in depth quality tests and delivery.

What is DLC (diamond-like-carbon) coating?

A DLC coating is bound to the watch by a chemical process, so it will not fade over time. Misuse or mistreatment of the watch can damage the coating.

For more information regarding DLC coatings, click here to read our blog The DL On DLC.

Does MJJ MADE show every possible customisation you can do?

No. Although there are a lot of options on the tool, allowing over 1 million possible combinations, and creating the most versatile watch customisation tool on the market, there are some customisations we have chosen to omit from its launch.

For example, we can print logos and hand paint directly onto the dial. But for this, we would like to discuss the sizing and spacing with you. To ensure your 100% satisfaction.

If there’s anything you have in mind that isn’t on the customiser tool, please call us on 0330 124 3591 - We love creating off the wall pieces.

Will I receive the original paperwork?

Yes, the original manufacturers papers will be provided with your customised watch, confirming its authenticity. Due to a modification clause in the original manufacturers warranty, it will be rendered void. Therefore, a MJJ Warranty card will also be included. This MJJ Warranty will match the length of the original manufacturers.

Can I change the customisations once I have completed my order?

This will depend on how soon you contact us and which customisation options you wish to change. In some instances, if the process has already begun we will be unable to alter the design, as certain customisations are not reversible.

If you would like to amend your design, please call us on 0330 124 3591.


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Are you as addicted to customising your own luxury products as we are? Well keep checking back because we’re only just getting started and there's more watch models and customisations coming soon.

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