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MJJ Exclusive

Rolex Daytona

  • £25,950.00
  • - £-25,950.00


Whilst we can’t make your watch invisible, MJJ’s customisation of this Daytona, builds on the stealth DNA of the military tank CV90120 that earned the nickname Ghost with its world-shattering covert technology. Mimicking the thermal energy of surrounding objects and projecting images from its modular armour, Ghost is virtually undetectable in all terrains. In this stealth fashion, military-invented DLC coating is fused with the stainless steel molecules of the Daytona, resulting in a powerfully deep matte black armour that strengthens the original watch’s material. Whilst the 'MJJ-Made' customised dial strips back the design for a Ghost-level stealth aesthetic that doesn’t compromise the original watch's identity.

Comes with presentation box, additional Black Horus Strap and MJJ Black Beaded Bracelet.

Important information:
MJJ Exclusive specialise in the customisation of luxury products. We do not work directly with the original manufacturers. These customisations have been requested by our customers, with the intention of personalising the item to them. This customisation features DLC coating, applied to the original steel watch parts. The watch is unworn, though classed as previously-owned. Due to the modifications, the original manufacturer’s warranty has been voided. However, MJJ Exclusive provide a 5-year warranty with the watch. We believe in molding luxury to you and creating unique pieces. Therefore, our collections will have a maximum of ten pieces.

  • Customised Product Model: 116500LN
  • Dial Size: 40mm
  • Case Material: DLC Coated Steel 
  • Bracelet Material: DLC Coated Steel 
  • Dial Colour: Black
  • Warranty: MJJ Exclusive 5 Year
  • This is an unworn, previously owned watch

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