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Any football fan this side of the millenium will know of Icardi. But just in case you need a refresher, Mauro Icardi is the 25 year old world-famous deadly striker from Argentina. His professional career began in 2002, at the age of 9. A mere 16 years later and Icardi is already serving as captain of Inter Milan. Earlier this year he was named top scorer, winning Capocannoniere of Italy’s Serie A 2017-18 season with an impressive 29 goals.

Wanting to celebrate the momentous achievement of being named top scorer, Icardi collaborated with MJJ to create a series of 24 custom Rolex watches. Each being a gift for the members of Inter Milan’s 2017/2018 team as a token of appreciation for their support in his accomplishment.


MJJ x Icardi Collab


“I thought of making a customised watch, that is an important thing, an important piece that every man uses daily and honestly a customised watch for each one will last in memory. I know of MJJ through Instagram […] I’m a very big fan of watches. So we met, we sent messages, and when I saw the creations and the things that they could offer, the truth is that it was the best option, the best idea to do it with them”
– Mauro Icardi

Icardi came to MJJ with an idea for a watch that represented both Inter Milan and himself. As watch specialists with in-house designers and international links, MJJ were able to source 24 Rolex DateJust watches and make Icardi’s vision a reality.

“He wanted something to represent a thank you to every single player that played with him in that year. That helped him be top goal scorer in the Italian league”
– Matthew Jones, MJJ Founder.

Icardi’s Custom Design


“It was an idea that came from both [my wife and I], to try to do something personal, something that represents Inter, that represents Mauro Icardi” – Mauro Icardi

Working with MJJ’s in house design team, Icardi devised a custom sunburst dial with a deconstructed face in the Inter Milan black and indigo blue colours. MJJ specialists dismantled the 24 Rolex DateJust watches by hand and sent the dials to L.A for the painting of this customisation. The back of the stainless steel watch cases were then engraved with each player’s initials and team number, as well as the MJJ logo and a series number from 1 to 24. Adding the ultimate luxurious touch, MJJ created a unique logo with Icardi’s initials and player number to be printed onto each dial just above the 6 o’clock hour marker.


As an additional gift, MJJ also had their in house painter customise the brand’s watch rolls with Inter Milan’s colours and the Icardi MI9 logo.

The Reveal


“Honestly it is an exceptional watch!” –  Mauro Icardi

Icardi worked with MJJ to create an event for the reveal so that it coincided with the Spurs Champion League fixture. Pre-match, Icardi called his teammates into a room at their hotel, where MJJ had set out the watches in a 24-piece formation, representing the team as a whole. 

Presenting each player their watch individually, Icardi then thanked his team mates for their support in his 29 goal Capocannoniere accomplishment.

With genuine shock and gratefulness in equal shares, the players admired and inspected their custom Rolex DateJust watches with pleasure. 

The Result


Excitement buzzed in the air as MJJ specialists measured and fitted the watch straps individually for the team players and Icardi shared his favourite moments of the season and his thoughts on the customised Rolex watches with MJJ.

“I think what they’re going to like the most is the fact of having a gift beyond the colour or what is written on it or what the watch has, it’s the gesture of something so pretty… a watch that is what every man can wear” – Mauro Icardi

Marking the event as a milestone in the brand’s history, MJJ asked the Inter Milan players to sign a shirt, a pair of boots and a football for future giveaways. As well as a banner that now hangs proudly in the MJJ Headquarters.